What yogis say about SECOND SIDE YOGA.  Below are some reviews from Yelp & facebook.  

"Immediate Warmth, Ahimsa, from Jonas upon Meeting him at the new studio.  We attended the Acro class and the space was just freshly done.  We even got to take the new mats out of the boxes and help put them together.  The people, ohhhhhhh the people, heart centric overload!  Amazing.  Attended the opening with my Acro Girl Friends on Friday and everyone I met was just beaming.  It was a collision of all these other studios and small worlds of who had practiced where and wow the influences of practices from others.  Just collided.  So happy for this space.  The community will continue to flourish because we know you cannot get to the top alone and the backing of people that are side by side at second side are going to take over DFW and bring tradition back to Practice and the Ego of studio mindsets that have been of late, will either keep the people that are not on the same page, or the vision of Jonas and this team will win them over with kindness.

The studio itself is gorgeous!  Double Shower, Eco Friendly, Built in Kitchen, Fireplace, Parking on the Street or directly in front.  Quaint and simple, rustic on the outside, trans-formative on the inside.  Kind of like people  :-)" --- Angela H.  (yelp)

One time practicing with Jonas was enough to convince he's miles ahead of most yoga teachers. It was the best practice ever! --- Christopher Johnson (facebook)

"My friend referred me to Jonas's class and I am now forever grateful. Jonas is the most kind but challenging instructor ever; his words are warm, insightful, and soothing. His genuine talent for teaching will infect you with good feelings that will spill over into the rest life. He will challenge you to be your best at practice - at life. 
Ps. He will make you sweat your A$$ OFFFF" --- Kevin Murphy (yelp)

"Jonas has a big heart and cares deeply for his students. I've been taught by him and taught with him over the past year, and he is committed to their growth and to his own growth as a teacher. He listens to feedback from his students and adapts to their needs, which I think is a great quality in a teacher. 

He has a warm, laid-back attitude in his class i.e. its not stuffy or snobby. His classes are great for all levels because he will queue from the foundation of a pose to the more advanced stages. He also offers great verbal and physical adjustments to help you understand where your body should be in a pose. You will always get pushed to the edge but never forced. 

And class is more than just poses! Its also gathering of people who like to share yoga and experiences together. Check out his classes!" --- Rebecca Meyer (yelp) 

"The best of the best. Great teachers and great yogis- Your practice will grow and you'll be inspired to inspire others." --- Neiman Moran (yelp) 

"Great group of yogis & Jonas has a great balance of pushing and patience." --- William Baker  (facebook)

"Jonas totally changed my yoga practice. I don't go anywhere else if I can avoid it - the best teachers and practice in town!" --- Michael O'Keefe Cowles (facebook)

"I practice yoga with Jonas at least once a week and never felt better!   It's a challenging class with a variety of poses and arm balances that leaves me with the satisfaction of having pushed myself. Jonas is a great instructor providing guidance and even humor release. His students tend to consist of yogis who enjoy pushing themselves. I would suggest this class to anyone who enjoy yoga and especially to those who might want to take their practice further." --- Jordan Lamar Won (faceboook)

"Jonas is by far the best yoga teacher I've found in Dallas. I grew to love yoga when I was living in DC and came back disappointed to not find a yoga home here in Dallas... until I found Jonas. He somehow pushes every student to grow no matter what levels are represented in the class. I like to be challenged in yoga and this is one of the only places I've found that actually accomplishes that. 

In addition to his excellent teaching style/abilities, this is one of the most welcoming yoga studios I've ever been to. Teachers almost always come introduce themselves to a new student, but at Yoga with Jonas, even the students come to introduce themselves. If this doesn't happen naturally, Jonas will start introducing people. Instead of feeling judged for what I can or cannot do, everyone supports progress and celebrates each others achievements." --- Katherine Kunz (yelp)