Contributions vs. Donations

Second Side Yoga is based on a contribution model, in which we ask our students to contribute what they can for the classes they take ($20 +/-, minimum $10 based on your fiance and frequency of your visit). These are not donations – you are not giving away your money for a cause, you are making an investment in the well-being of your body and mind.

We have followed this model for the past two years, and the Dallas yoga community has been extremely supportive. Never have we had to remind students to make contributions.  It has worked with experienced students leading and showing by example, newer students emulating. You always have appreciated our efforts to teach the great classes and inspire you, and you always have been fair with your financial support.

While our per-class suggested contribution is *$20 (minimum $10), we appreciate that students may provide more or less support based on their personal circumstances. More generous contributions can help subsidize the attendance of practitioners with lesser means. Those who can’t contribute as much financially can assist in other ways such as cleaning the studio.

MONTHLY EXPENSES: *$7300 (based on 3 classes a day model)

  • Rent: $2,500

  • Utilities: $1,200

  • Teachers' Compensation: $4,200

NEEDED TO MEET EXPENSES (based on 3 classes a day model)

  • 365 contributions of $20

  • 487 contribution of $15

  • 730 contributions of $10


 *This figure is not including the initial renovation cost of $100,000+ or our time managing the studio.  Just pure monthly expense.

We plan to publish our finances monthly for your view: total transparency and total open book.  


  • SUGGESTED CONTRIBUTION*: $20 +/- (see pricing philosophy for more info): all classes except Men’s Yoga


  • 10 CLASS PREPAID: $100 (does not expired)



Yoga mats are like underwear. They may look similar, but you can tell a good one from a not so good one when you try. A good mat elevates your practice. For less than the price of a pair of Nike, you can buy a premium mat that will last years. Do invest in good mats and you will see a big difference.  We have some mats you can borrow of course at no charge.

To that end, we have equipped the studio with premium mats and towels for rental (*$2 and $1 respectively) as well as bottled water for sale ($1). Filtered water is also available for free to those who bring their own water bottles.